Get the Most Out of Your Home

Get the Most Out of Your Home

Turn to us for green built homes in Asheville or Black Mountain, NC

Whether you're building your new home from scratch or adding onto your home, you should think about making it more energy-efficient. Continuous Improvement Construction LLC offers green built homes in Asheville and Black Mountain, North Carolina. This way, you'll reduce your energy usage and save money.

We work with a variety of green building materials, including engineered wood and other durable and sustainable materials to create the most energy-efficient home possible!

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5 eco-friendly features you can install in your home

You have a lot to think about before scheduling your new home construction project in Black Mountain or Asheville, NC. Consider installing sustainable, green features such as:

1. Improved insulation
2. Programmable thermostats
3. Low-emittance windows
4. Fluorescent light bulbs
5. Geothermal or solar energy panels

We'll help you choose the right additions so that you can keep your utility costs low. Reach out to us today to learn more about our green built homes and sustainable homes in Black Mountain and Asheville, NC.